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E-Report Internet Version

E-Report (Internet Version) provides the functionality of current E-Report 3 with your data stored remotely on our servers. This enables you to have all the database administration performed by us ensuring increased reliability and a quicker diagnosis of any problems you might have.

The technology works by sending web requests to our servers but instead of receiving web pages as you normally expect, database information is returned instead. This is then decoded by E-Report 3 (Internet Version) and displayed just like the normal E-Report 3 application. By simulating web requests there is no need to alter existing firewall configurations, in short, if you can browse the web you can use E-Report 3 (Internet Version).

Current Version = 4.00.00 (Build 0400)   (06 Feb 2020)

. Download current version
Approx. size=22 MB

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the system is password protected. Please ensure you have a valid login account.

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